emerging Networks

What we Do

Vendor or policy migration from like Cisco to Juniper etc

Loadbalancer or Firewall Policy conversion or migration Palo Alto to Fortigate or Cisco etc.

Routing Protocol Migration

Internet Best Path Routing

Router Turn-up and Configuration

Switch Turn-up and Configuration

Firewall Turn-up and Configuration

Load Balancer Turn-up and Configuration

Protocol and Service Migration


Server monitoring alerts our help desk to issues with disk space, backups, hardware utilization, security updates and hacking attempts.

Workstation monitoring alerts us to problems with each workstation to make sure your users can stay productive.

Connectivity monitoring alerts us when your internet provider has issues allowing us to work on the problem immediately.

Disaster Recovery Systems monitoring means that your backups and backup servers will be ready for service when you need them. No more backup surprises


Smart phone plans to Internet Packages Migration and setup.

Automated Fixtures, Ligts, Theamostats etc integration with Home WIfi

Secure Wifi Solution to safegaurd Information

Automated Locks , lights and fixtures setup with Wifi and Cell phones.

Review Inhouse Wire and Wireless Devices and security.

From a robust design to actual configuration and implimentation of Network Architecture

Security , Loadbalance & Wireless 

Design Review and Verification

Migration Planning

Integration Planning

to Staff Augmentation we do it all for our customers.


Network Monitoring & Consulting

Plan & Design

Integration & Migration

Smart Home Solutions